[2 hours [drinking release] with] in handy the comfort livestock in Miyazaki Prefecture ... Pikopiko Intermediate Course 5500 yen
5500 yen

tax included

★ contents with all you can drink is perfect for those who want to enjoy delicious meat also drink to Desc.


★ fully stocked Pikopiko Intermediate Course 5500 yen ★

(An example of the course content.Since there is a change more by buying situation feel free to ♪ please contact us)

○ Pikopiko salad

○ kimchi three prime

○ namul Assorted

○ Tan salt

○ Sausage skipper

○ Leave one from the rare sites such as sirloin cushion

○ above Calvi, top loin

○ average Calvi, average loin-Harami

○ hormone three prime

○ rice (you change freedom)

○ dessert

※ This good-course dishes only ♪

※ course content changes have by purchase

※ 2 hours all you can drink OK !! at +1500 yen than 4 people