• [Stab stuff]

    • Sakura tartare

      Sakura tartare

      980 yen

      Fresh horsemeat riding a fat has a richness that unlike cattle delicious ♪

    • Mino Te'

      980 yen
    • Tan stab of Treasures

      1180 yen
    • Hearts sashimi of Japanese beef

      780 yen
    • Omasum stab

      850 yen
  • [Proud of roasted grilled meat]

    • Pikopiko loin

      Pikopiko loin

      910 yen

      The loin is I know the basics of all of the meat of Pikopiko butcher shop!

    • Top loin

      Top loin

      1360 yen

      It is always the most popular.Regulars you're looking for dish!

    • Four 4 loin

      Four 4 loin

      2260 yen

      King of loin !! Please enjoy the bliss that melt in your mouth.

    • Pikopiko Calvi

      Pikopiko Calvi

      880 yen

      Calvi Pikopiko butcher shop will start from this quality!

    • Above Calvi

      Above Calvi

      1320 yen

      For lovers of Calvi "Seeing the bite of believing" First !! the dressing up

    • Four 4 Calvi

      Four 4 Calvi

      2260 yen

      Dandy not take only a small amount from a single head of cattle !!

    • Pentathlon of salt Calvi

      Pentathlon of salt Calvi

      910 yen

      Blend the saltiness of rock salt! Mineral plenty of sweet Tidal pentathlon!

    • Treasured jar marinated ribs

      Treasured jar marinated ribs

      1280 yen

      Dish flavored vegetables and meat rose fruit in luxury with a special sauce

    • One pickled Calvi rose

      One pickled Calvi rose

      2240 yen

      Only a small ten from cattle per head !!

    • Simple salt

      Simple salt

      880 yen

      Popular dish !! with softness and taste, which is a feature of Wagyu

    • Above Tan salt

      Above Tan salt

      1280 yen

      It is on the case to the softness taste both!

    • Beef chunks Tan

      Beef chunks Tan

      2560 yen

      Marbling, softness, taste is using the only best sum Tan!

    • Tsurami (cheek meat)

      Tsurami (cheek meat)

      730 yen

      Please tasted fully the crunchy that resilient.

    • Harami


      980 yen

      Is Harami of the built-in handle, but in fact most healthy sites ♪

    • Pork of Kirishima black pig

      Pork of Kirishima black pig

      560 yen

      Elegant and sweet butter, and features meat over the shoulder from the neck.

    • Pork of Kirishima black pig

      630 yen
    • sausage


      480 yen

      It was the special of sausage with elegant fat.

  • Because there is only [rare site] quantity, please ask the staff

    • Chateaubriand


      3980 yen

      Rare meat can not take only about two kilometers from 100 kilometers of meat!

    • ROS Rutsuobu sirloin

      ROS Rutsuobu sirloin

      3500 yen

      In addition thick fleshy than the elegant and Chateaubriand than the loin is just a gem of Royal class

    • sirloin


      3000 yen

      Nothing to say, you know if you eat.

    • Misuji


      2800 yen

      In the meat under the shoulder blade, the marbling condition is also the artistic, is a taste that can enjoy the sweet taste that does not take only about 2 kilometers from the one head of cattle.

    • Cushion


      3200 yen
    • Fillet


      3500 yen

      Chateaubriand same rare sites that are not only slightly taken from cattle per head.It is meat that only can enjoy taste of refreshing and red meat than Chateaubriand.It is very customer in popular meat quality that has been called to your age so soft.

    • Sound of heavy snowfall

      Sound of heavy snowfall

      2200 yen
  • 【hormone】

    • Ultimate white meat Maruchou

      Ultimate white meat Maruchou

      1080 yen

      It emerged as the ultimate white meat in the 2007 release of the movie "bulgogi" !!

    • Of fresh hormone platter

      Of fresh hormone platter

      1780 yen

      Fresh hormone pentathlon of the day I tried to platter!

    • hormone


      730 yen

      Wagyu of the small intestine and the fat of quality, in its reasonable fat paste features, is the softness and taste of the exquisite balance! Classic dish of the intestinal wall.

    • Honeycomb tripe

      Honeycomb tripe

      680 yen

      ... Since it looks like a honeycomb in such names.Its texture and taste are also appreciated from lovers Mino.

    • hearts


      580 yen

      Served in such upscale yakitori shop, please imagine a "gizzard" soft and good quality of taste.Taste of the meat is the dish stand out in its texture.

    • Grilled lever

      Grilled lever

      730 yen

      Enjoy your from through a lever unique no smell only fresh beef lever! Is! Always fire.

    • Above Mino

      Above Mino

      830 yen

      Hormone is also okay a person not good! Fat is less soft and healthy.Its taste and mouthfeel is dish to order is like hormone always.Particularly recommended !! women

    • Shimachou


      730 yen

      Part of the large intestine, which is also referred to as a Tetchan.Japanese history of hormone from this Shimachou ....Shimachou of beef is soft for is characterized.

  • [Gem of fascination]

    • Nichinan Jidori of Broiled

      700 yen

      Wealth to moderate crunchy and rich, very healthy chicken.

    • Skipper grilled

      Skipper grilled

      480 yen
    • South Korea seaweed

      South Korea seaweed

      290 yen
    • Seasonal coloring vegetable grill

      Seasonal coloring vegetable grill

      680 yen

      I tried incorporating seasonal vegetables in a vivid season.

    • Foil grilled garlic

      Foil grilled garlic

      480 yen

      Familiar dish like dying garlic.

  • [Kimchi]

    • Kimchi Assorted

      Kimchi Assorted

      980 yen

      Platter sometimes special special kimchi from standard items!

    • Namul Assorted

      Namul Assorted

      580 yen

      Homemade namul of Pikopiko is different'm a little bit ·· ♪

    • Honma Mon Changer

      Honma Mon Changer

      420 yen

      Nothing to say.Please eat well tossed with green onions and sesame oil.

    • Chinese cabbage kimchi, Kakuteki, cucumber kimchi

      Chinese cabbage kimchi, Kakuteki, cucumber kimchi

      Each 380 yen

      Kimchi of Pikopiko is rice or drink in this dish is Susumu such kimchi ♪

  • 【salad】

    • Radish crisp salad

      680 yen
    • Green salad

      Green salad

      630 yen
    • Caesar salad

      Caesar salad

      730 yen
    • Salt Who cabbage

      Salt Who cabbage

      380 yen
    • Maki Maki

      Maki Maki

      440 yen
  • 【rice】

    • Calvi Bowser

      Calvi Bowser

      740 yen
    • mixed rice

      mixed rice

      780 yen
    • Ishisho bibimbap

      Ishisho bibimbap

      880 yen
    • Yukke bibimbap

      Yukke bibimbap

      1320 yen
    • Good rice for roast (small / medium / large)

      Good rice for roast (small / medium / large)

      190/260/310 yen

      Good white rice !! The delicious meat

  • 【Cold noodle】

    • South Korea cold noodle

      South Korea cold noodle

      900 yen

      Soup is also well involved taste nice cold noodles.

  • 【soup】

    • White comton soup

      White comton soup

      1480 yen

      A luxurious dish with plenty of collagen and a soft tail grudgingly entered

    • Yukgaejang soup

      Yukgaejang soup

      1380 yen

      Stamina soup drunk to keep healthy from old days!

    • Tonloflo egg soup

      Tonloflo egg soup

      430 yen
    • Seaweed soup

      Seaweed soup

      430 yen
  • 【dessert】

    • Vanilla ice, green tea ice

      Each 360 yen
    • Orange sherbet, cassis sorbet, mango sorbet

      Each 360 yen