• [Stab stuff]

    • Sakura tartare

      Sakura tartare

      980 yen

      Fresh horse meat on fat is different from cattle and delicious ♪

    • Mr. Mino

      980 yen
    • Treasure stabbing with treasure

      1180 yen
    • Wagyu beef puncture

      780 yen
    • Omasum stab

      850 yen
  • [Proud of roasted grilled meat]

    • Picopico loose

      Picopico loose

      910 yen

      This rose is the basic of all the meat of Picopico meat shop!

    • Top loin

      Top loin

      1360 yen

      It is always the most popular.One item for regular customers!

    • Four 4 loin

      Four 4 loin

      2260 yen

      King of Loose !! Please enjoy the bliss that melts in your mouth.

    • Picopia Calvi

      Picopia Calvi

      880 yen

      From this quality Calvi of Picopico meat shop begins!

    • Above Calvi

      Above Calvi

      1320 yen

      For Calvi lovers, "One hundred letters are like a bite" First of all, please call us!

    • Four 4 Calvi

      Four 4 Calvi

      2260 yen

      First-class items that only a small amount can be taken from a cow!

    • Five types of salt gullies

      Five types of salt gullies

      910 yen

      Rock salt of salty taste! Blend of five types of mineral-rich sweet ocean tide!

    • Treasured Vase Pickled Rib

      Treasured Vase Pickled Rib

      1280 yen

      One dish of flavor vegetables and rose meat with special sauce that used fruit luxuriously

    • One pickled rose of Calvi

      One pickled rose of Calvi

      ¥ 2240

      Just ten from a cow !!

    • Simple salt

      Simple salt

      880 yen

      Popular dish with softness and umi that is characteristic of Wagyu beef !!

    • Above Tan salt

      Above Tan salt

      1280 yen

      Both tenderness and umami are upgraded!

    • Wagyu beef cutting thong

      Wagyu beef cutting thong

      2560 yen

      Use marbled, soft, delicious taste of the best!

    • Tramle (cheek meat)

      Tramle (cheek meat)

      730 yen

      Please enjoy tasteful resilience.

    • Harami


      980 yen

      Although it is Harami which is handled as built, it is actually the most healthy part ♪

    • Kirishima black pig pig pig toro

      Kirishima black pig pig pig toro

      560 yen

      Meat featuring elegant sweet fat from the neck to shoulder.

    • Kirishima black pig pig's rose

      630 yen
    • sausage


      480 yen

      I made a special sausage with elegant fat.

  • Because there is only [rare site] quantity, please ask the staff

    • Chateaubriand


      3980 yen

      Rare meat that can only take 2 kilos from 100 kilos of meat!

    • ROS Roots of Sirloin

      ROS Roots of Sirloin

      3500 yen

      Elegant than roast and rich in meat quality than chateaubriand, it is exactly a royal class gem

    • sirloin


      3000 yen

      I do not say anything, I can tell by eating.

    • Misuji


      2800 yen

      It is meat under the shoulder blades, its marbling condition is also artistic, it is a taste that can enjoy sweetness only about 2 kg from a cow.

    • Cushion


      3200 yen
    • Fillet


      3500 yen

      Like a chateaubriand, it is a rare site that can only be taken from a cow.It is meat that you can enjoy only the deliciousness of refreshing and red meat rather than Chateaubriand.Very fleshy is soft so it is popular with customers who are old.

    • Anxiety


      2200 yen
  • 【hormone】

    • Ultimate white meat multi

      Ultimate white meat multi

      1080 yen

      It appeared as the ultimate white meat at the movie "Pulkogi" released in 2007!

    • Assorted fresh hormones

      Assorted fresh hormones

      1780 yen

      I tried plotting five kinds of fresh hormones of the day!

    • hormone


      730 yen

      The small intestine of Wagyu cattle is characterized by fat and its reasonable fatty glue, the balance of exquisite softness and taste of the intestinal wall is a classic dish.

    • Honeycomb tripe

      Honeycomb tripe

      680 yen

      Because of what it looks like a honeycomb to such a name ....Its mouth feel and taste are also pleased from those who like Mino.

    • hearts


      580 yen

      Please imagine a soft, good quality "sand liver" that has taste and is served at high grade yakitori shops.The taste of meat stands out with its texture.

    • Grilling lever

      Grilling lever

      730 yen

      It is only a lever of fresh Wagyu with no unique odor! Let's have fun through the fire surely.

    • Above Mino

      Above Mino

      830 yen

      Even those who are not good at hormones are OK! Less fat, healthy and soft.The taste and texture are dish items that hormone lovers always order.Especially recommended for women!

    • Shimachou


      730 yen

      A part of the large intestine also called Tetchan.The history of Japanese hormones from this clover ...Wagyu beanstalk is characterized by its softness.

  • [Gem of fascination]

    • Broiled Nichinan Chidori

      700 yen

      It is moderately toothy and rich in rich, very healthy chicken.

    • Skipper grilled

      Skipper grilled

      480 yen
    • South Korea seaweed

      South Korea seaweed

      290 yen
    • Seasonal coloring vegetable grill

      Seasonal coloring vegetable grill

      680 yen

      I tried incorporating seasonal vegetables in a vivid season.

    • Grilled garlic with foil

      Grilled garlic with foil

      480 yen

      One dish familiar dish like garlic.

  • [Kimchi]

    • Kimchi Assorted

      Kimchi Assorted

      980 yen

      Platter sometimes special special kimchi from standard items!

    • Namul Assorted

      Namul Assorted

      580 yen

      Pikopiko's homemade Namuru is a bit different - ♪

    • Honma Mang Channa

      Honma Mang Channa

      420 yen

      I do not say anything.Please enjoy the onion and sesame oil well.

    • Chinese cabbage kimchi · kakutiki · cucumber kimuchi

      Chinese cabbage kimchi · kakutiki · cucumber kimuchi

      Each 380 yen

      Pico-pico's Kimchi is a rice dish and rice wine in this dish, such a Kimchi ♪

  • 【salad】

    • Japanese radish spicy shark salad

      680 yen
    • Green salad

      Green salad

      630 yen
    • Caesar salad

      Caesar salad

      730 yen
    • Salt Who cabbage

      Salt Who cabbage

      380 yen
    • Maki Maki

      Maki Maki

      440 yen
  • 【rice】

    • Karabi Kuba

      Karabi Kuba

      740 yen
    • mixed rice

      mixed rice

      780 yen
    • Ishisho bibimbap

      Ishisho bibimbap

      880 yen
    • Loving bibimbap

      Loving bibimbap

      1320 yen
    • Commitment rice for roast meat (small / medium / large)

      Commitment rice for roast meat (small / medium / large)

      190/260/310 yen

      A delicious white rice for delicious meat !!

  • 【Cold noodle】

    • South Korea cold noodle

      South Korea cold noodle

      900 yen

      It is a cold noodle with a good taste that soup is also well entangled.

  • 【soup】

    • White comton soup

      White comton soup

      1480 yen

      A luxurious dish with plenty of collagen and a soft tail grudgingly entered

    • Yukgaejang soup

      Yukgaejang soup

      1380 yen

      Stamina soup drunk to keep healthy from old days!

    • Tonloflo egg soup

      Tonloflo egg soup

      430 yen
    • Seaweed soup

      Seaweed soup

      430 yen
  • 【dessert】

    • Vanilla ice, green tea ice cream

      Each 360 yen
    • Orange sherbet, cassis sorbet, mango sorbet

      Each 360 yen